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Thomas May

Thomas has been dealing with the phenomenon of grass as a culture medium for years.


In his "Grashalm Institute" he examines the interrelationships between humans and stalks, documents them and works them out with interventions, lectures, workshops, field tests and installations.


Thoma´s sphere of activity is international, be it in his teaching activities, his exhibitions or in his curatorial activities.


His "blade of grass"- projects have taken him to China, Finland, Sweden, Macedonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Japan and now also to us in Austria.

Floating Gardens

The hemispheres of moss and grass seem to float weightlessly around and between the beech and birch trees. Part of the trees or created by man? That stays open for a long time in this place - especially when the evening sun shines through the leaves and enchants the place even more.

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