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The park is first of all the Forest Art Park St. Corona am Wechsel.

The beginnings of the park

Franz Loitzl and later the Hantich family advertised that their hotel in St. Corona had a forest park. When summer tourism, the time of summer vacations, came to an end due to the construction of a chair lift, the forest park lost its importance.


Today, due to climate change, St. Corona  is developing again into a place for summer tourism. Art and education will also be a central theme in the tourist revitalization of the place.  Therefore, the forest park  will also be revived as a forest art park.


The park is located in St. Corona.


Once on the pilgrimage path to Mariazell and itself equipped with a pilgrimage church, the lively main street of St. Corona was characterized by many souvenir shops and restaurants. At the time of the summer holidays, when wealthy Viennese families fled the city air in Vienna for several months in summer, St. Corona was also a very popular recreation area. The construction of a chairlift in 1965 was the start of winter tourism, which later boomed.


Today, St. Corona and Unternberg are year-round attractions for more than 100,000 guests,  mostly day tourists.

But the park is also in the Bucklige Welt.

Pure variety is the motto of the "Bucklige Welt". 

Connoisseurs, athletes, but also those interested in culture will get their money´s worth on a trip to this region. The "change country" with its unique hilly landscape offers great views that can be enjoyed on the various cycling and hiking routes at any time of the year. The culinary diversity in all its facets - from home-style inns to tavern culture establishments to award-winning restaurants - is another highlight of the region.

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