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In the Forest Art Park St. Corona am Wechsel, Sabine did an artistic field research on the history of the forest park of the former Hotel Waldhof.


Especially the thirteen remaining, crumbled park benches. To this end, Sabine conducted numerous interviews with people from the region on the history of St. Corona and the surrounding area.

Text fragments from it overlay the crumbling historical park benches.

The interviews themselves are through QR codes made audible on the renewed park benches.

The installation "Hörbänke" simulates and stimulates a place of cultural exchange.

If you scan the QR code, a narration can be played on a website.

Different people talk about life, about places, about problems, desires and

hopes related to the former forest park of Hotel Waldhof.


Sabine Maier

Sabine Maier lives in Vienna and works internationally as a freelance photo and media artist. In 1999 she founded the art label MACHFELD with M. Mastrototaro as a working platform for interdisciplinary projects. Many of her artistic works were created under this pseudonym.

Starting with photography, her artistic vocabulary extends to audio visions, installations and stagings. As a seismographer of the social in the personal - and vice versa - she dissects the essence of her stories until they are brought into a touching aesthetic language. Numerous international guest professorships, exhibitions as well as Grand Prix and awards bear witness to her work.


What actually is a "listening bench"?

A feeling arises as if the narrators had taken a seat right next to the listeners. Regional stories and anecdotes are thus preserved, passed on to guests and to future generations.

Immerse yourself in the history of the forest park

Entwicklung des Ortes
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Hotelbesitzer Obstgarten
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Hotelbesitzer privat
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Hotelbesitzerin Kurz
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