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Imke Rust

Imke Rust, born in Windhoek in 1975, is a multidisciplinary Namibian-German artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Africa (UNISA). She has lived north of Berlin (DE) since 2014.


Her works explore relationships between myth, reality,

human and nature. She questions entrenched perceptions about being human and offers new perspectives. Her artistic practice is deeply personal in an attempt to explore, through process, narrative and

material to create meaning.

But it also bridges the gaps between cultures and continents, history and the present, and between humans and nature, creating universal narratives and understanding.

Her works range from installations to performances to mixed media works and are usually process-oriented, site-specific and often ephemeral.

"Change: River"

69 branches, forester colors and round steel, 2022

Imke Rust


A river of energy made of electrifying branches meanders down the slope of the forest art park.

Based on the color of the glitter of a waterfall in the sunset, it symbolizes the mutual influence between humans and the rest of nature. Located on the slope of change,

where the weather currents change, he also points to the current time quality of the upheaval in the whole world. 


"The shy one"

Branch, paint and round steel, 2022

Imke Rust


The shy one (Ast) is a quiet work that blends into its surroundings far removed from the other works and only catches the eye of the attentive viewer. The white branch hovers in front of an old gray and white wall and betrays its presence in the morning sun by the curved shadow it casts on it.

This work forms a subtle and quiet antithesis to the brightly luminous and eye-catching "Change: river", which consists of 69 pink-orange branches. It is the 70th branch

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